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Aesthetic Periodontal Surgery to Enhance Restorative Results

162-00This course provides a complete overview covering the various principles and clinical procedures needed for crown lengthening in the Aesthetic zone. We cover indications, contraindications, and methods of managing surrounding bone.

Topics include:

  • How to handle hard and soft tissues
  • Proper surgical techniques
  • Preservation of esthetics in the final tissue contours and relocation of all structures that comprise the biologic width, namely: sulcus, junctional epithelium, connective tissue fibers, and bone.

The role of Lasers for gingival reduction is addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Make predictable impressions every time
  • Save chair time and be more profitable
  • Understand causes of red gum tissue around crown margins
  • Diagnose aesthetic crown lengthening
  • Understand the Gummy Smile
  • Coordinate surgery with restorative procedures

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