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Current Trends for Indirect Procedures- The Ultimate Ceramic Veneer Concept

201-00Laminate ceramic veneers are a predictable treatment option for esthetic anterior restorations. When bonded to enamel this modality of treatment allows the clinician to obtain a long-term stable result.
Utilizing current laboratory techniques associated with a strict clinical protocol makes it possible to deliver very thin restorations, with minimal loss of hard tissue.
This presentation shows a an innovative technique named Ultimate Ceramic Veneer (UCV). For this technique tooth preparation is laboratory guided and performed after final impression. Based on the wax-up and the mock the ceramist prepares the cast only where there is no space for the ceramic. The Ultimate ceramic veneer (UCV) is a very conservative approach to create minimally invasive restorations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of laminate veneers: Preparation guidelines & techniques for tooth structure preservation
  • Clinical diagnostic applied material for adhesive restorations
  • Ultimate Ceramic Veneer (UCV) Concept: clinical and laboratory procedures for non and minimal invasive veneers

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