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Implant-Assisted Orthodontics: Moving Toward a Better Tomorrow

202-00The use of implants and miniscrews to provide the anchorage necessary for optimal clinical outcomes is an accepted and effective modality. The techniques of “Direct” and “Indirect Anchorage” will be presented and delineated. The evolution of the techniques from implant assisted orthodontics to the development of orthodontic miniscrew applications will be illustrated. Further, developments in the use of aligner therapy has led to their inclusion in these techniques. Cases will be presented where implants and miniscrews facilitate treatment by their ease of manipulation, streamlining of mechanotherapy, eliminating patient compliance and expanding treatment possibilities, all forecasting future directions for orthodontic therapies.

  • Identify the benefits of using implants as sources of anchorage in orthodontics
  • Consider alterations in case sequence to expedite movements
  • Appreciate cases
  • Whereby exceptional movements are achieved
  • Identify different strategies for harnessing extra-dental sources of anchorage
  • Illustrate advanced uses of aligner treatment instead of conventional appliances

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