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New Advances in the Treatment of the Esthetic Zone – The Esthetic Preview

210-00Using aesthetic preview and smile designing techniques in prosthetic and implant dentistry offer the clinician a great tool for different purposes:

  • Designing the patient’s smile
  • Sharing the digital mock-up with the dental team
  • Improving communication with the patient

This new approach allows the clinician to increase the predictability of the esthetic result of prosthetic restorations in the aesthetic zone, to optimize the clinical performance of the entire dental team and amazingly improve the communication with the patient.
This lecture will focus on smile design techniques starting from the ground up to new perspectives, applying these techniques to “everyday” clinical cases.

Learning Objectives:
This lecture focuses on the following topics and learning objectives:

  • The aesthetic preview: how to obtain a biomimetic restoration trough a digital approach
  • The aesthetic preview: the technique through a step-by-step guide
  • The smile design in advanced cases: how to compose the digital mock-up using facial landmarks
  • Elements of smile designing
  • The digital library of the teeth
  • How to get the perfect dental outlines
  • The use of smile designing in “everyday”cases
  • New perspectives in smile designing
  • The 2D-3D Aesthetic Preview: the protocol
  • The 2D-3D Aesthetic Preview in advanced implant cases

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